Notes From My Office: May 2022

Another month down, and one in which my crafting took a back seat. I suspect that may continue to be the case in May, although I have a new toy arriving soon which may prevent that.

Having struggled for so long to get along with my Gemini, and because I don’t often need an A4 die-cutter, I have finally got myself an A5 die-cutter. My mini die-cutter is very useful, but it is too small for most of my embossing folders. The other reason for taking so long to get an A5 machine was that I was looking for a Cuttlebug, now no longer made, in a specific colour. Finally, eBay came up trumps.

Hopefully it being a manual machine and easily moveable, I will be more inclined to use the folders and the dies which don’t fit in the mini machine. Admittedly, I don’t think I have many of those (it is mostly the folders which don’t fit), but I’m sure there’s a couple.

The baby-cardigan is continuing slowly. I’ve nearly finished the other front-piece. Nearly up to the shaping of the neck-line. Although I have a feeling that I might have to re-make the first piece, as I managed to crochet in some very defined ridges, but I’ve no idea how I did it and I haven’t for the second piece. So they don’t currently match, which is a bit of a pain, but it might give me an opportunity to neaten up the edges. Oh well, at least I still have a few months before the baby’s due.

Recent Reads

Death in the Clouds, by Agatha Christie

Words of the Month

Plout – a heavy fall of rain

Bodgery – clumsy or unskilful work or actions; bungling

Rory-tory – loud, noisy, boisterous; showy, gaudy (esp. in colour)

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