This Week in Crafts: The Autumn Squirrel

I was back to playing with the more autumnal stamps and colours this week, after the monochrome of last week’s elephant. This week, it’s a heat-embossed copper squirrel playing in the orange and red leaves of autumn. I did think about doing the squirrel in silver, since grey squirrels are more common than red ones,… Continue reading This Week in Crafts: The Autumn Squirrel


Fat Quarter Sewing: The Purple Tablecloth

I’m getting to the end of my rainbow. After this one, I’ve just got the orange to go, since I don’t propose to separate the blue and purple into Blue, Indigo, Violet. Just one blue and one purple will do. It’s back to lots of flowers for the purple tablecloth. Suitable, given all the bee-friendly… Continue reading Fat Quarter Sewing: The Purple Tablecloth


Adapting Marvellous Creations

When it comes to chocolate, I’m normally fussy. I don’t much care for the overly sweet mass-produced stuff, though sometimes desperate times call for quantity over quality. Except for one: I am quite fond of the Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations bar. If you haven’t come across it, Marvellous Creations is Dairy Milk with extras: jelly beans,… Continue reading Adapting Marvellous Creations