Sleigh Bells Ring

I haven’t been much in my craft room for the last month or so. I’m not sure how often I’ll get in over the next few. Probably sporadic crafting for the foreseeable. However, with the arrival of a baby-sling (the Koala Cuddle Band; takes babies from 2-9kg/4lb7oz to 19lb13oz) which is suitable for my lighter-than-average… Continue reading Sleigh Bells Ring


The Less Simple Granny Square Blanket

The trouble I find with making granny square blankets is that, after a certain point, I get a bit bored. I like the not really thinking about what I’m doing, but the round-and-round part of it just becomes…samey. Especially since the one I’m now making is not my first. It’s true, I could have found… Continue reading The Less Simple Granny Square Blanket