Just Keep Going

The thing about life is that it isn’t all sunshine and daisies. Sometimes, it’s grey and miserable, and it’s difficult to find the motivation or do more than just go through the motions. Sometimes it’s because you’ve started a Project (personal or professional) which will take a while and you’re stuck in the middle and… Continue reading Just Keep Going


Life in Lockdown: Relaxing Restrictions

Life is beginning to open up again. From today, non-essential shops and leisure activities can reopen. Hair dressers and zoos, pubs and clothes shops. The weather, too, after last week’s arctic blast, might start to cheer up again. There’s talk of the Return to the Office. It might even happen this time, since the Roadmap… Continue reading Life in Lockdown: Relaxing Restrictions


Cooking with Mrs Crocombe: Saffron Buns

My favourite meal of the year is Good Friday Tea. Homemade, fresh from the oven, hot cross buns. Dripping with butter, or layered with homemade jam (usually damson). There is nothing tastier. I don’t often make hot cross buns because of M and not liking curranty things (also because they’re a once-a-year sort of thing… Continue reading Cooking with Mrs Crocombe: Saffron Buns