Nature Notes: February on the Balcony

It’s been chilly this month. Chillier even than when we had the snow. But at least the last week or so has begun to remind us that Spring is indeed on its way, with sunshine, warmer temperatures and crocuses in the park. It has been very windy in recent days, but early spring sunshine has… Continue reading Nature Notes: February on the Balcony


Stitch By Stitch: The World Map Part 1

It took me a couple of weeks to pick the map up again, after the struggle with the blending filament. But I did. I managed to trick myself by saying I would “just” do the fish, and then that part of the globe would be done, back-stitching excepted. That seemed perfectly doable: a one-evening task.… Continue reading Stitch By Stitch: The World Map Part 1


Organising the Crafting Supplies

Crafting, of any variety, makes for a good hobby or three. It’s very easy, once you start one sort of craft, to be sucked into another. And then another, and another. There’s another hobby that goes along with all the crafting, though, that often gets forgotten or overlooked. It’s the collecting of crafting supplies and… Continue reading Organising the Crafting Supplies


Fat Quarter Sewing: Making Tablecloths

After the success of my lovely Christmas tablecloth, I’ve decided to make more. Quite a few more, for each of the other seasons of the year. Especially now that I have time again, in between half-days of work. Not just other seasons, either. Other feast-days or birthdays or other such notable dates. Lots of tablecloths,… Continue reading Fat Quarter Sewing: Making Tablecloths