Card of the Week: Falling Leaves

In my few crafting moments this week I haven’t actually made any cards. I’ve mostly just been playing with my new Cuttlebug, which arrived ahead of schedule, so my desk hadn’t been cleared yet. It still isn’t. Sort of. I did clear it, and then I messed it up again.

My first attempt at embossing with it was entirely successful, and took far fewer tries that my Gemini takes. As in, embossed first time through with Cuttlebug. Perhaps a tad light, so maybe I should add a piece of card or something underneath, but otherwise a perfectly decent emboss. Unlike Gemini, which I can never get right, and usually ends up tearing the card, if it embosses at all.

I haven’t played with the dies yet: the plates are still so shiny and new and I don’t want to scratch them up immediately. I’ll get over this eventually, but just for a few days… Or I’ll get a self-healing mat to use in place of a plate.

But at least I still have lots of embossing folders to continue playing with in the meantime. This one is an Autumn leaves one, but I can’t remember where or when I got it. It is difficult to get the detail, though. Or perhaps it’s just the colour of the card that causes the problems.

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