Nature Notes: April 2022

Spring is a time of notoriously changeable weather, and this April has been no different. It started warm and sunny, then dipped back to cold and hail, before recovering somewhat to end with sunshine. At least, it’s sunny as I write this. The patio doors are open and I’m listening to the birds singing.

The spring flowers, the snowdrops and the wood squills, have finished flowering now, though the tulips by the fence are still going strong. The berry blossoms have also come to an end, but at least the fig tree (which we haven’t noticed blossoming) is beginning to bear fruit.

We’ve had some big fat bumbles buzzing around, and the butterflies are making themselves known. I’ve seen several yellow ones fluttering by, and the occasional fritillary and peacock. Mostly they seem to be enjoying the buttercups and dandelions on the lawn.

The blue tits are still flitting through the ever-greening tree-branches. They don’t seem to be collecting nest-building materials any more, so perhaps they’ve finished doing that and soon we’ll have some fledglings twittering. I’ve got a bird feeder attached to my office window and every so often a blue tit pays it a visit. Doesn’t stay long: just turns up, takes some food and flies off again to eat in the comfort of the nearby branches. Or to feed the sitting mother, I suppose. I’m never fast enough with a camera, though. One day I’ll get a photo.

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