Card of the Week: Christmas Robin

Now that I’m out of the birthday-season, I can make my usual, annual, attempt at starting Christmas cards early. Since I only have a few birthday or special-occasion cards to make between now and September, I try to use the time to prevent having to rush festive cards while also keeping up with the birthdays.… Continue reading Card of the Week: Christmas Robin


The Crafter’s Life: November 2021

With just under two months to go before Christmas, now is the time most card-makers will begin to panic about Christmas cards. Unless they’re the extra organised sorts of people who have already made all their festive cards. Some crafters might be thinking about making gifts, although those take longer so should have been started… Continue reading The Crafter’s Life: November 2021


Stitch by Stitch: The Corner Chieftain

There’s been a lot of furlough so far this month. It’s the normal quiet time for work, anyway, when we’re usually Looking Busy with various training things. Or “reminder” training, like repeating braille training to keep it in our heads. Being at home for it, and having furlough, has lessened the Looking Busy aspect of… Continue reading Stitch by Stitch: The Corner Chieftain