The New Craft Room

One of the more annoying aspects of the move was that I’d almost got my craft room just right. And then I had to pack it up and move it 200 miles, to a new room. And the smaller Kallax was requisitioned to make a divider to separate the new reading nook from the rest of the living-room.

On the other hand, reorganising my crafting room and all my supplies is an agreeable activity. A bit like organising my books. And, indeed, planning the new craft room. It still has my work computers, sadly, as I’ve been able to bring my job with me, but I do have the other table. And I’ve replaced the Kallax with a set of drawers (hidden behind the trolley).

Of course, the trick with organising craft supplies (or books) is to not get side-tracked by playing with said supplies (or reading said books). Sometimes it’s easier said than done. Although I did manage to only make the one card.

I just didn’t get very far with the whole reorganisation. That, I think, is going to be a longer job than an afternoon. I mean, I have now emptied all the boxes, but I’m not sure if emptying them all over the surfaces really counts. It’s just as well I don’t have to keep to a Clear Desk policy.

I had thought that I might, later on, get another set of drawers, for the other end of the desk, but, having built the first set, I’ve decided against it. Not that I dislike the first set, but I’m in no hurry to build another one. Besides, I don’t think there’s enough space. Anyway, I may not need the additional storage. We’ll see when I finish organising.

At present, though, I’ve turned the two tables into a corner-desk, which also gives me the window to watch the birds while I work, and the long Kallax has been turned on its side along the rest of the wall. In time, I shall get a proper desk chair to make it even easier to go from working to crafting.

It’ll be a cosy haven when it’s done.

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