Fat Quarter Sewing: The Green Tablecloth

For the joys of Spring, a green tablecloth was needed. I’m making my rainbow out of order.

As with the red tablecloth, sadly I didn’t have eight green fat quarters in my stash, so to eBay I went. I did have one, a pastel green, which is as well, because of the awkward quantities of fat quarter bundles.

When they arrived, of course, the pastel green was the wrong shade of green to work very well with the rest. And it was a smaller fat quarter. Typical. However, I did not repine: I rummaged through the stash to find a more suitable one and came up with a flowery one with the right sort of hints of green. Never mind that the flowers were blue and purple. They seem to go quite nicely with some of the other shades of green in the set.

But the unexpected eighth means that this tablecloth ended up with a square of flowers in the middle, with the non-flowery quarters at either end. I quite like it, as a pattern, rather than the alternating of the red. But it all depends on the patterns available.

I’m more pleased I managed to remember to iron each square before sewing though. I forgot with the red one. Partly this is because my ironing board is one of those mini table-top ones. It’s just the right size to make a laptop table for working on the sofa, which means it usually has a laptop on it. Also, though, because I don’t often get the iron out, so I tend to forget about it.

But I remembered, and by evening I had a new tablecloth, with very little thinking involved. My favourite kind of project!

3 thoughts on “Fat Quarter Sewing: The Green Tablecloth

    1. Having made the effort to take photos while sewing, I forgot to take one of it finished! I’ll have to remember when I switch it for the next colour.

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