Mothering Sunday

Yesterday was Laetare Sunday, or Mothering Sunday. (Actually, Laetare means Rejoice.)

Traditionally, it’s a day of relaxation from the Lenten fast, a day of hope with Lent half over and Easter in sight. A day for returning to the Mother Church, where you were baptised, although the term could also apply to the parish church or to the nearest cathedral. Latterly, in Britain and Ireland at least, a day for honouring mothers.  

My family has never really been much for observing the more Americanised “Mother’s Day” variation of Mothering Sunday. To be fair, neither do we return to the Mother Church, now that we’ve all left home. I didn’t even make a Simnel cake, mostly because M doesn’t like marzipan.

On the other hand, card-makers aren’t normally known for letting an occasion pass without a card. Especially during these times of not getting visit.

I finally managed to make the Gemini emboss properly – it took another couple of tries, but I think I’ve worked out the sandwich: one cutting plate, the magnetic shim, the rubber embossing mat, and the thin plastic shim. I think that’s what I used, anyway, with the embossing folder and card beneath the plastic shim.

And then I coloured some of the spare tulips and cut them out to stick in the middle of the card. I think the tulips will make a good Easter card too.

The cross-stitch was a kit from Hobbycraft I picked up a while back .It has annoyingly similar shades of white, and I was a bit concerned that the grey shading would be too dark, but it seems to have come out all right. As normal, I didn’t bother with the French knots and just substituted adhesive gems.

It was a bit annoying that the only Mothering Sunday sentiment I have says “Mother’s Day”, but never mind. I’m sure we can cope. It’s only for two cards a year, after all.

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