This Week in Crafts: The No Prob-llama Card

We’re getting to the time of year where people are having their second lockdown birthdays. I wonder how many of them last year thought they’d be celebrating in lockdown again this year.

After the excitement of getting the embossing sandwich worked out, I decided to make a simpler sort of card. At least it was, and then I decided to fussy-cut a second llama.

Mind you, the thing that actually went wrong was forgetting to let the ink dry before colouring and cutting. It smudged. I had to restamp it.

But it was all right, I was having an afternoon catching up on a couple of Archers Omnibuses, and the llamas reminded me of Lynda Snell, with her three: Salieri, Wolfgang and Constanza. I’m not sure if she has any at the moment.

And then I had some fun colouring them in. Actually, it did end up being a straightforward sort of card. Just what was needed, given the excitement of The Archers with Alice’s premature baby being born in a carpark.

For the interested, the stamp set is the Go Wild! set that came with Creative Stamping issue 57.

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