Learning to Crochet Clothes

For a while now I’ve been meaning to expand my crocheting repertoire out of the blankets and Edward’s Menagerie toys I usually make, and learn to make clothes.

Trouble is, as with the cards I make, I like simple things, and most of the clothes patterns I come across I tend to then put away again, for another day, and go back to the patterns I know.

Baby cardigan – part 1

But with a colleague pregnant and a relatively simple-looking cardigan pattern to hand, I thought the time was now right to give it a go. Besides, it’ll be a summer baby, so blankets won’t be needed with quite the same urgency.

So far, I’ve made my slow way through one of the front pieces. It’s made in three pieces: two for the front and one for the back, with the sleeves incorporated into it. For the most part, it uses half-treble stitches, with a few double- and slip-stitches.

Once I got the hang of it, it was relatively easy, although I am going to have to try and tidy up the non-seam edge a bit at the end. Unless I can manage to make the other side look similar, I suppose. I’m hoping to hide the slight wonkiness of the seam edge in the seam.

I seem to be using less yarn than I thought, too. Haven’t even used one of the five green balls I got for this, though maybe the back piece will use considerably more. Otherwise I shall just have to find a pattern for booties or something to match, and expand my repertoire still further. There is a pattern for a pair of shoes a couple of pages after the cardigan, so maybe I’ll make them next. Finishing the cardigan is, after all, the next step.

If you’re interested, the pattern comes from DK’s A Little Course in…Crochet, and the yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners Bo Peep baby yarn in Apple and Buttercup.

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