Card (Parts) of the Week: The Wildflower Garden

After the Flamingo comes G for Garden. Huzzah – back on track with the alphabet!

The Wildflower Garden, full of flowers good for pollinators: the bees and butterflies just waking up. We currently have buttercups and other yellow flowers sprinkling an otherwise threadbare lawn. And the odd crocus planted by the squirrels.

The Wildflower Garden

I still don’t seem to be up for actually making cards, though. At the moment, all I’ve done is make some bits for later. I do have vague plans for various scrapbook pages, I think, if I can work out appropriate scenes or find the right photographs.

In the meantime, I’ve been playing with the Daisy Mae Garden Gnome stamp set from Creative Stamping 94. I missed this for some reason when it came out last year, but found it going cheap on eBay recently, and changed my mind.  

I’m glad I did, I think, though so far I’ve only used this wildflower stamp. It lends itself quite well to a scribbly sort of colouring. No need for neatness and carefully not going over the line. Just a suggestion of the colours is needed. Which makes it a good, quick stamp and colour. It isn’t tricky to cut out, either, which means it’s easy to make several for the stash and later cards.

Now I’ve just got to use them for something.

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