Theme and Variation

It’s not news to say that I like making simple cards. I like a card I can make quickly, that I can make more than one of easily, and that is in a style that can be adapted without much thought to other circumstances.

I do intend to learn some of the more complicated fancy-fold cards, but at the moment my creative energy seems to be used up with not much more than a bit of stamping and blending or colouring.

And so, recently, I seem to have been making Themes and Variations on a basic card idea, as shown by the Flamingo the other week: A bit of blending, a focal image, and a nice sentiment. And a sprinkling of sparkly gems.

The only stamps to come from the same set were the Peacock and its sentiment. You don’t need anything particularly special, which is another good thing for simple cards. Stuff you probably have within reach of your craft desk because they form part of your main-stay crafting.

Easy to find, easy to use, easy to put together.

These aren’t even really cards yet. Card fronts, perhaps, or possibly for a scrapbook or to go on an inspiration sort of board. At some point, I will get or make one of those for my craft room. It’s about time I decorated the walls.

Hopefully with the ever-lightening days, though, my creative energies will be replenished and I can have a go with the fancy-folds.

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