Card(s) of the Week: The Owl and the Elephant

There are two cards this week, mainly because they’re similar in style.

When I made the black and white elephant card last month, I liked it so much I used one of the other stamps from the same Mindful Moments set from Creative Stamping 93 to make another such card. Well, two, because then I had another play with the elephant.

This time, I used the owl. Still with the white heat-embossing on black, though. And kept simple, without even the odd gem to give it more sparkle.

I haven’t yet decided on a sentiment. If, indeed, I’ll bother with one.

This time for the elephant I did blue ink/embossing powder on white. I gave it a purple-blended background, and sprinkled some blue, pink and purple gems. Again, no sentiment as yet.

I very much like this stamp set, though I know I haven’t yet used it to its full potential.

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