This Week In Crafts: Clearly Besotted Snowdrops

It’s amazing what a difference the gradually lightening evenings makes on one’s mood. Especially when it becomes noticeably lighter, and I’m not having to draw the blinds at half four, but can leave it until I finish working.

February is still very cold, and the weather isn’t usually anything to write home about, but the lighter mornings and evenings does make such a difference. For me, anyway.

There’s also the new buds and early flowers. I know we’ve had (very) early daffodils in the vase for a while now, but what I really associate with February is the snowdrop.

I’ve had this Clearly Besotted stamp and die set for about a year – it was the freebie with Simply Card and Papercraft issue 199 – but I didn’t really use it much when I got it. Which is a shame because it’s a lovely set.

I had hoped that I might have a suitable background paper, and I nearly did, but it didn’t quite go with the green card, so I had a play with the script stamp. I also had to redo the snowdrops because the first greens I used were a bit too blue. But now I have a spare for something else.

3 thoughts on “This Week In Crafts: Clearly Besotted Snowdrops

    1. Isn’t it?! I’m trying only to buy sets/magazines with sets that really inspire me, but it’s still so easy to forget what I have.


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