This Week in Crafts: Signs of Spring Card Kit

According to the language of flowers, snowdrops mean hope. A fitting sentiment for this time of year generally, and definitely for this year.

Signs of Spring Card

I don’t think I’ve seen any snowdrops out in the wild yet, though. I’ve had to content myself with the ones I make, first the die-cut ones last week, and now this vase of cross-stitched ones.

I haven’t yet decided which sentiment to choose, from the six available which came in the kit. Probably I shall put it in the stash for when I need a card right now and choose then.

By and large, this was a simple kit, from CrossStitcher 366 and designed by editor Susan Penny. The only difficulty came in differentiating between the white and the “pale blue”, which is so close to white, it’d be better off described as an “off-white”. Maybe very light grey. I could barely see the difference in the best light possible, even against a white background.

However, I worked it out, just, and had fun with the stitching. I did manage to mislay the needle which came with it though. It’s probably somewhere in the rug, waiting for an unsuspecting foot. M’s, most likely. He’s very good at finding pins and needles for me.

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