Life Ever Crafting

WordPress told me the other day that I first started blogging eight years ago. It was – serendipitous, perhaps; well-timed, certainly – that it told me this, because I recently found the notebook in which I made all my early plans for the first incarnation of my blog.

And no, I don’t throw away my notebooks. Or, necessarily, fill them up.

I’ve used other notebooks for the various incarnations of this blog since then, but it was interesting to see that the plans I made back then are almost what I’m currently doing, despite all the changes of direction I’ve had in the intervening years.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, and all that. There are some differences, of course – papercrafting wasn’t something I had much interest in back then, and originally I anticipated far more sewing than I actually did. I still don’t sew much, but I’m hoping that’ll begin to change this year.

There have been periods of lots of posts, and periods of no posts. Stopping and starting, as I tried very much to run before I could walk and then burnt out. Or, rather, ran out of things to write about. My plans were far vaguer in those days. And I didn’t anticipate the work involved in just keeping going. Of course, it didn’t help that my crafting in the early years was just as hit and miss as the blogging.

I’ve lost count of how many names this blog has had in these last eight years (and yes, sorry, I have just changed it again – I get sort of itchy feet every so often and want to try something new: maybe this time it’ll stick). Those of you who’ve managed to continue through all those name-changes and all the posting-droughts, thank you: I appreciate it.

To be fair, this latest name-change is less itchy feet and more because The Whitty Pear has served its wayfarer’s purpose: it’s helped me work out my path and what I want from this blog. I think this last year in lockdown has also helped with that.

Here’s to the next chapter with Life Ever Crafting!

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