Card of the Week: The Birthday Duck

Since the weekly craft seems to have turned into simply card-making, and since I’ve spent quite a lot of the last month making cards, I’ve decided to change this into a Card of the Week. There may still be the odd non-card craft project, but mostly it will be cards. Starting with this duck card.… Continue reading Card of the Week: The Birthday Duck


This Week In Crafts: Clearly Besotted Snowdrops

It’s amazing what a difference the gradually lightening evenings makes on one’s mood. Especially when it becomes noticeably lighter, and I’m not having to draw the blinds at half four, but can leave it until I finish working. February is still very cold, and the weather isn’t usually anything to write home about, but the… Continue reading This Week In Crafts: Clearly Besotted Snowdrops


TWIC: Finishing the Christmas Ornaments

With Christmas plans developing apace, it’s been quite nice to sit in my corner and stitch some festive ornaments. I’ve completed Popcorn the Bear, and this robin, which goes with a holly one I did last month, and I decided to skip the French knots and get out the sparkly fake gemstones from my card-making… Continue reading TWIC: Finishing the Christmas Ornaments