My Crafting Corner

As with my blog, my crafting space has had several iterations over the years. Partly this has been due to house-moves and having to make the best of the space available. But also because I like to try new arrangements, to see if they help me to stay tidy or inspired to work or craft.

At present, I have a comfy chair with directed lighting. Recently, the boxes and piles of supplies have been upgraded to a bookcase and tidied away. (Whether they remain tidied away is a whole other story!) These aren’t my only supplies, though: I also have a tallboy and a chest of fabrics. And a bag of the freebie cross-stitch kits from magazines.

Of course, I don’t always stay in my chair – it’s at the wrong angle for watching things as I work – but the thought is there. And it’s out of direct sunlight on hot summer days, which is a bonus in the current sunshine. And it’s the perfect size for my lovely new cross-stitch frame to rest on both arms at the same time.

Ultimately, though, I want to have a shed at the end of a garden, where I can shut the world out and cocoon myself with my books and my crafts. For now, though, my corner is my happy place.

Do you have a dedicated crafting space, or do you have to claim it where you can?

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