Crafting After Summer

It’s been a couple of months since I last did any real crafting. I’ve made the odd card, and obviously I’ve continued to collect various supplies. But I’ve not really made anything. Largely, this is because of having to move. Now, though, I’m in the process of rebuilding my craft room and finding the projects… Continue reading Crafting After Summer


Stitch by Stitch: The Corner Chieftain

There’s been a lot of furlough so far this month. It’s the normal quiet time for work, anyway, when we’re usually Looking Busy with various training things. Or “reminder” training, like repeating braille training to keep it in our heads. Being at home for it, and having furlough, has lessened the Looking Busy aspect of… Continue reading Stitch by Stitch: The Corner Chieftain


Stitch By Stitch: Round the Corner

Having done not much stitching last month, I’ve done considerably better this time. Even taking into account having to unpick a lot of gold and restitching it because I’d miscounted and couldn’t easily fudge a cover-up. I also changed my mind about what I was stitching. At present, I’m focusing on the outer border. I… Continue reading Stitch By Stitch: Round the Corner


Stitch By Stitch: All the Sea-Creatures

After the success of February, and completing the Old World part of the map, I took a breather to do some smaller kits. And then had to do the whole “Just this sea-creature” thing all over again. It’s mostly worked, again. Sadly, there was no Ring Cycle on Radio 3 this time. Instead, I’ve been… Continue reading Stitch By Stitch: All the Sea-Creatures


TWIC: Finishing the Christmas Ornaments

With Christmas plans developing apace, it’s been quite nice to sit in my corner and stitch some festive ornaments. I’ve completed Popcorn the Bear, and this robin, which goes with a holly one I did last month, and I decided to skip the French knots and get out the sparkly fake gemstones from my card-making… Continue reading TWIC: Finishing the Christmas Ornaments