Signs of Spring: Snowdrops

About this sort of time every year, I seem to make a seasonally appropriate card festooned with snowdrops. I like snowdrops and the way they grow in little clumps here and there. We’re currently waiting for our potted Polar Bear variety to bloom. We’ve probably got a bit of time to wait: as I recall they were late bloomers last year.

One of the good things about bulb plants is that once you plant them, they just come back each year – provided the squirrels didn’t dig up the bulbs before they had a chance to grow in the first place!

I actually stitched this card-patch (free gift with CrossStitcher 366 several years ago, but never made up the card because it had four options for a sentiment to be tied around the vase neck and I didn’t know then which I wanted to be using. There was the normal birthday greeting, a sympathy one, a just because, and one Thinking of You, which works for most occasions.

In the end, I used the birthday greeting, because they’re the most common occasions for cards, and I needed a quick one. And now I have three other sentiments left for other cards. Perhaps even another version of this if I find the time to stitch it again.


2 thoughts on “Signs of Spring: Snowdrops

  1. Oh that is lovely.
    We planted some snowdrops a couple of years ago and thought the squirrels had eaten them because nothing happened – but this year, suddenly, they have appeared! Magic and so pretty xx

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