Card of the Week: Newborn Mouse Card

Sometimes, when you need to make a specific sort of card, you don’t actually have the most suitable stamps or sentiments to hand.

There are two ways out of this sort of predicament: a trip to a craft shop (or online); or a bodge from the stamps in your stash.

Despite the fairly large notice that baby-cards usually provide, I never got around to adding baby-stamps or dies to my stash. Possibly because I was distracted by the crocheting of baby-things. Or because I just assumed I had something suitable in my stash. And then the baby arrived.

Turns out, the best I have is a House Mouse stamp of Mother Mouse taking two little ones to bed. On the grounds that there isn’t an older sibling for the newborn, I carefully inked around the little paw holding the mother’s tail (joining the two bits of tail with a black fineliner), so I only got the baby mouse being carried.

Then, some colouring, fussy-cutting, a little sentiment, and some coloured pearls I found in WHSmiths, of all places.

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