Card of the Week: Summer Flowers

The summer holiday feeling is strong this year, especially with all the dry, sunny weather. Lethargic sort of weather. Or maybe that’s just because the heat makes sleep harder. Just as well, really, that I have all that extra time off, from all the overtime in the first half of the year.

Having made over half of the Christmas cards I need, though, and with the birthday season now fast approaching (where did that time go?!), it’s time I started making a few more non-festive sorts of cards. You can tell, I have SUCH a sense of urgency about all this.

Anyway, and with my desk still covered in Christmassy ephemera and stamp sets, I pulled out a couple of sets of paper I got a while back from Hobbycraft. They were designed by one of their Artisans, along with other ephemera items (most of which I also picked up), and have a nature-theme. I had been considering a washi-tape card, with alternating fern and mushroom tapes, and then stamping a woodland creature or two from an autumnal stamp set.

But the sunshine outside, and the butterflies and bees I’ve seen recently, pulled me towards the papers.

There wasn’t a lot to this card: mostly in the measuring and scoring, because I decided to make my own card base with a piece of blue I happened to have. Not something I think I’ve done before. My natural laziness inclines me towards the ready-made card bases.

Measuring, cutting, sticking. The only stamping was for the sentiment, which came from a bee-themed stamp set. And then some pearls for extra decoration (you can’t really tell, but they’re a pastel yellow). Mostly, though, it’s about the papers, especially the pansy background.

This would probably work well for a just-because sort of card too.

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