(Incomplete) Card of the Week: The Green Christmas Card

I gave myself a challenge this week. Well, it became two, in the end, and I haven’t quite managed to complete the card yet but I think I know how it will end.

Firstly, I was trying to use one of the harder embossing folders. At least for unimaginative me.

And then it became a Green Christmas Card. I had thought I had a green embossing powder, but it turns out I don’t, so I used green ink and clear powder for a similar effect.

I did try a green-embossed sentiment – May your season sparkle – but the stamp I have of it doesn’t really work with embossing powder, so I shall have to have another think about that. In the meantime, I think another of the baubles will be a good idea. Still in green.

The folder came from Hobbycraft, and the baubles from a freebie set Opulent Baubles from Love Cardmaking International 4.

It was fun trying to make a single-colour card; I think I’ll have a go with other colours. And a version of this in red, I think, maybe blue. I actually have red and blue embossing powder, so it’ll be interesting to see if that makes a difference.

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