Card of the Week: The Red Christmas Card

It does make a difference, knowing what you’re doing, to how long it takes to make a card.

After spending several days on last week’s Green Christmas Card, the red version took me barely any time at all. And I actually finished it (mostly; I’m sure there are finishing touches, like gems, I will add later): the green one is still waiting for a card-blank.

I used red embossing powder with this one. It seems less sparkly than the clear I used with the green. I haven’t tried embossing the sentiment in red yet, though.

I did think, after I’d done the stamping and embossing, that I should have stamped on the other side, so the holly berries were raised, rather than the leaves. A thought for another version.

I don’t normally like to make lots of cards of the same or similar design – it gets a bit boring and samey, even if it is easy – but I’ve been finding it quite fun to try variations with the same embossing folding. It’s also been fun to broaden my card-making horizons to include embossing folders. Especially now I don’t have to faff with plate combinations, and it just works first time.

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