(Incomplete) Card of the Week: The Green Christmas Card

I gave myself a challenge this week. Well, it became two, in the end, and I haven’t quite managed to complete the card yet but I think I know how it will end. Firstly, I was trying to use one of the harder embossing folders. At least for unimaginative me. And then it became a… Continue reading (Incomplete) Card of the Week: The Green Christmas Card


The Crafter’s Life: November 2021

With just under two months to go before Christmas, now is the time most card-makers will begin to panic about Christmas cards. Unless they’re the extra organised sorts of people who have already made all their festive cards. Some crafters might be thinking about making gifts, although those take longer so should have been started… Continue reading The Crafter’s Life: November 2021


TWIC: Finishing the Christmas Ornaments

With Christmas plans developing apace, it’s been quite nice to sit in my corner and stitch some festive ornaments. I’ve completed Popcorn the Bear, and this robin, which goes with a holly one I did last month, and I decided to skip the French knots and get out the sparkly fake gemstones from my card-making… Continue reading TWIC: Finishing the Christmas Ornaments