Notes From My Office: January’s Words

I’m a subscriber to the OED Word of the Day email. Sometimes, I wonder who picks the words, and how they’re chosen. I have had occasion to laugh, so appropriate the Word of the Day is to particular situations, in general and more locally, and to public people.

I also like to look at the Recently Published list on the OED website, for more interesting and obscure words. Again, there have been some interesting timings. Like the week when ‘apocalyptician’ (n. someone who believes in and pushes apocalypses [which led us into a discussion on the plural of ‘apocalypse’]) was Word of the Day, and then a day or two later ‘amortine’ (adj. to incite mutiny or revolt) was “recently published”. We wondered.

Winter Walk

Anyway, amongst our wordy discussions, the following made an appearance:

Apricity – the warmth of the winter sun

Throughother – higgledy-piggledy

Clatfart – to gossip, tittle-tattle, chatter idly or pointlessly

Retrouvaille – the happiness experienced on meeting again after a long time

Have you found any interesting words recently?


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