The Crafter’s YouTube Rabbit-Hole

I mentioned the other day that I’ve been down a YouTube Rabbit-Hole. I started using YouTube marginally more frequently when I learnt to crochet, then when I started papercrafting. Especially with crochet, I find it easier to follow instructions when there’s a demonstration, rather than when they’re just written down. Then, a few months back,… Continue reading The Crafter’s YouTube Rabbit-Hole


Review: The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse

I’m not much of an artist, and usually I’m not much interested in things I can’t really do, but over the last few years I have begun to develop an appreciation for drawings. For sketches and cartoons. Especially, it must be said, for political cartoons. One of my favourite cartoonists is the late David Low.… Continue reading Review: The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse


Recipe: (Almost) According to Hummingbird: Muesli Bar

I was looking for something vaguely virtuous, something I could, perhaps, easily take to work to nibble at lunch-time. Something which wasn't a sandwich, and which wasn't full of sugar, and wasn't really flapjack. What I found was this recipe for a Muesli bar in one of my Hummingbird Bakery recipe books. It involved oats… Continue reading Recipe: (Almost) According to Hummingbird: Muesli Bar