A Relaxing Cup of Cocoa

It’s been a little while since I last used a House Mouse stamp. Which is a shame, because they do make for very easy and cute cards. Just stamp and colour.

Of course, the trouble now is to find a suitable sentiment which isn’t the “I’m dreaming of a white (and red striped) Christmas” one. Although saying that, I do have a “Seasons Squeakings” somewhere. Not sure that this particular mouse is squeaking very much. Too relaxed in a nice warm cup of cocoa.

I was in two minds about using the striped paper for the background, but I think it did turn out all right in the end. And it goes well with the striped candy canes. I did wonder if that might cause it to become a bit of an optical illusion (which always make me go cross-eyed and give me a headache), but I think it just about gets away with it.

Now to work on the sentiment.

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