The Autumn Squirrel

Over the last month or six weeks, the squirrels have been returning to our garden. We haven’t seen them much over the summer, but now there are hazelnuts and acorns to gather – and the fat balls back in the bird-feeders – they’ve returned.

And left acorn-cups all over the patio.

One of the things I like about this squirrel-stamp is the expression is a bit “Who, me?”-ish. A bit like the look most of our squirrels give when we disturb them on the feeders. Or when they dug up M’s freshly planted bulbs last year and ate them (or reburied them in the middle of the lawn).

Initially, with the leaf stamp, I wasn’t sure how green to go, since autumn is normally characterised by yellow and orange leaves, and not so much the green. But the trees outside currently only have a few yellowing leaves. In the end, partly because the original green ink I was using needed a few applications, I decided to go over with an orange ink, to give it a tinge, and then a darker green. I think it’s turned out well. Better than the attempt at giving the grey squirrel coppery tinges around the edges did, anyway.

Oh well, you live and learn!

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