This Week In Crafts: Embossing (Or Not) Tulips

My Gemini doesn’t get out much. At present, its permanent home seems to be in its box. Mostly this is because I don’t have a space with accompanying plug sockets for it on the desk, or anywhere else in my craft room. So I mostly use my mini Aldi die cutting machine.

But a recent Simply Cards and Papercraft (issue 213) came with a lovely tulip embossing folder which is several times too big for the mini machine, and a simple design I wanted to adapt for a Mother’s Day card.  

I set my Gemini up on the floor to have a play with the embossing folder. I wasn’t very successful: because I don’t get it out very much, or emboss very often, I’m still working out the correct sandwich for them. Or the correct strength of card.

My first attempt fell apart as I took it out of the folder, so I changed the plates but the second attempt didn’t emboss. Nor did the third, really, when I put the second through with another shim. And then I gave up.

I’d been trying the technique of inking up one side of the folder to emboss colour, and by the third go, most of the ink had transferred even if it hadn’t embossed. I gave up at that point and just ran with what I had.

Not having circle nesting dies, I dug out a pair of compasses to draw a circle the right sort of size and carefully cut it out. And after all the fussing with embossing folder I decided to forgo playing with the tulip dies which came with the set, and just heat-embossed the sentiment and sprinkled gems.

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