Life in Hibernation: The End of Winter

I’ve enjoyed my winter in hibernation, not being able to see family and friends excepted. I’ve enjoyed not having to force myself awake while it’s still dark outside in order to go to work, and then coming home again in the dark. Less tiring and depressing.

There are a few months yet of working from home, if the current Roadmap to Normality is maintained. Midsummer, perhaps, will be when we return to the Office. The rate the vaccination programme is going, I should have had my first by then. Which is good: the first time I tried a vaccination calculator it reckoned I’d have to wait until this time next year.

But the “crocuses of hope” are beginning to bloom, and very pretty they are too. I like seeing them and the cheerful daffodils on my daily constitutionals around the park, and the squirrels scampering on warmer days. There’ve been a couple of bees as well, which is even better to see.

And listening to the dawn chorus which now wakes me before my alarm does. I prefer the dawn chorus. Gentler on the ears and for breaking through sleep. Not so much of a jolt awake, which always leaves me feeling exhausted.

I just hope that, despite really liking all the staying at home stuff, that this time we really have learnt the lessons of the last two lockdowns and their lifting, and restrictions really will be lifted cautiously. Brighter days are in sight, we can hang on for a few more months. Yes, the weather is going to be nicer and more tempting, but let’s not get silly. Slow and steady; more haste less speed; a stitch in time; etc, etc.

But better safe than sorry. We’re nearly there, we can do it.

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