Card of the Week: The Unfinished Hummingbird

Does it count as a Card of the Week if I haven't really completed it yet? Some years ago now, I stitched the Mouseloft Hummingbird kit. And then did nothing with it. It’s wafted around my craft room ever since, trying to find a home. Finally, this week, I’ve got around to at least planning… Continue reading Card of the Week: The Unfinished Hummingbird


This Week in Crafts: Mouseloft Hummingbird

One of the reasons I took up cross-stitching as a hobby again was because of Mouseloft. If you haven’t come across Mouseloft cross-stitch kits, you’re missing out. They’re the sort of kits which can be completed really quickly, by beginner and advanced stitchers alike. They fit on cards, in scrapbooks, or as patches on pockets.… Continue reading This Week in Crafts: Mouseloft Hummingbird


Craft: the Mouseloft Advent Calendar

Back when I first rediscovered cross-stitch and Mouseloft, I had this idea of making my own Advent calendar. I envisaged a lovely wall-hanging, with little pockets I could fill with chocolates or something every year, each one decorated with a festive Mouseloft design. I began collecting, and stitching. Not all of them ended up being… Continue reading Craft: the Mouseloft Advent Calendar