Card of the Week: The Crafter’s Card

My card of this week is a more recent make, though with a stamp set I’ve had since Christmas and which I rushed out on Christmas Eve to find the magazine. It was also my first attempt at masking in general, and with a post-it in particular. The stamp set (Crafter’s Companion’s Crafting with Friends… Continue reading Card of the Week: The Crafter’s Card


Adapting Marvellous Creations

When it comes to chocolate, I’m normally fussy. I don’t much care for the overly sweet mass-produced stuff, though sometimes desperate times call for quantity over quality. Except for one: I am quite fond of the Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations bar. If you haven’t come across it, Marvellous Creations is Dairy Milk with extras: jelly beans,… Continue reading Adapting Marvellous Creations