A Time for Plans and Projects

Huh. Been a while. Didn’t mean for that to happen. I was all set to get back to my pre-baby schedule, for card-making and writing, when life threw a spanner in the works.

Well, it threw a cold, miserable sort of March in the way. Normally, March is when I’m beginning to feel optimistic again after the darkness of winter and my energy levels are getting back to a more functional level. Only, this year, that didn’t happen, and just as I was readying myself to get back to it, I had what I’m calling a post-winter malaise. Bit like a post-viral depression, but the sort of existential crisis that happens when it’s cold and dark and you’re dreaming of sunshine and daisies because the cold and dark have gone on Quite Long Enough, thank you!

Also, I’m becoming acutely aware of how quickly my time at home with Tiny is flying.

So, instead of making cards or writing, I’ve been thinking and planning. And writing my penultimate essay. But that’s by the by. Mostly I’ve been thinking and planning. Dreaming up alternative money-making schemes which don’t involve returning to the office. Whether anything comes of any of them – well, that’s another thing altogether.

In the meantime, though, I’ve decided that part of what I need to do is adapt the editorial schedule for here to fit with the time I have available, and the fact that my crafting time has been so severely curtailed. One day I’ll get back to the map…

Clearly, making cards every week, and writing about them, and writing a non-card thing, isn’t really happening. And since I plan on trying to use one stamp set a month for making cards for the stash, that would get boring to write about each week – for you as well as me. And, of course, I still need to work out how best to replace the other crafting topics, although with Tiny getting a bit less tiny and a bit more independent, perhaps I will begin to have a bit more time for crochet and cross-stitch. And sewing…I still have all those fat quarters for cot-quilts and cushion covers and such things.

And I also want to see if M can teach me to be more green-fingered. Since I’ve managed to keep Tiny alive, I feel that I can probably manage plants as well (I know, normally it’s the other way around), and besides, I’d like fresh tomatoes and he’s allergic to tomato plants. It feels a bit mean to get him to grow them for me, even if he could glove up to protect his skin. I also want to have a go at peppers, and probably other salad vegetables and such things as will grow in pots. I’ll probably start with the mustard and cress seeds I’ve been waiting for M to sow. Help us to eat more seasonally.

My plan, then, is to reduce the schedule to one post a week, so I don’t feel like I’m spreading myself too thin with all the things I enjoy. But I’m still working out all the details, so I expect I will continue to be absent until May. Perhaps I might also, finally, manage to get things written and scheduled ahead if time again.


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