Planning Easter Baking

I was going to write about my OU experience thus far, now that I’m about half way through the module. But the snow this morning has rather thrown my ability to study or think about studying. Also there was a dentist.

Instead, I’ve been looking up rocky road recipes, for adapting to Easter flavours. I’m also planning variations on the crème egg brownies I made a few years ago. Oh, and Easter nests! And I’m wishing Tiny was a bit bigger to help me make a mess in the kitchen. And enjoy them afterwards. Hopefully I’ll find the time to make all these.

But if I don’t, I can enjoy thinking about making these yummy things. Making plans for making yummy things. Nothing like a good plan, even if it doesn’t quite come to fruition. Or at all.

I did try a practice Easter brownie – well, cake – using a chocolate fudge cake mix and what was supposed to be Malteser bunnies, but Tesco was out of those and substituted KitKat bunnies instead. I halved the mix and put bunnies in the middle of the mix and then on top as well.

Don’t get me wrong, very tasty cake, and the KitKat bunnies gave a nice crunch, but not quite the brownies I was really looking for. I’m sure it was a fudgier cake last time I used this mix. So I might have to actually do some proper baking. I did look into the brownie mixes, but they don’t seem to save much extra time, or money, so there doesn’t seem much point to them. Next step is going to be rummaging for a good brownie recipe.

After the rearranging of books, we discovered we have a whole cube of recipe books, mostly cake or chocolate related. We really ought to try more of the recipes. We have a terrible tendency to stick to one or two favourites, despite the books full of exciting other recipes to make. And we ought to get into the habit of trying more now, before we start trying to tempt Tiny to taste all the flavours and textures.

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