Be a Mermaid

There’s a corruption of an alleged Oscar Wilde quotation I quite like: Always be yourself – unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

I suspect there are other variations for other creatures to be. Sadly, I have no stamps with any of them, but I do have this mermaid one about standing out from the crowd. Or, rather, the shoal.

I did consider stamping some fish around her, but Tiny was beginning to fuss. And I thought that might make it a bit of a busy card. I was surprised to find the background paper, though, and in an unrelated paper-pack without a sea theme. I know it came with a magazine – it’s an A4 paper booklet – but I’ve no idea which one.

The mermaid I stamped in the Teal Zeal Memento ink and naturally the sea needed some glitter from reflecting the sunshine. Or something. Not that a reason is needed for a bit of sparkle. The stamps are from the Beneath the Waves stamp set by Stampendous which came with Creative Stamping 97.

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