‘Tis the Season

I went back to the Polkadoodles’ Christmas Gnomes set from Creative Stamping 102 this week. Partly, this is because I haven’t really tidied my craft desk – the bin was removed to another room and has yet to be replaced! – so the stamp set was still sitting where I’d left it after last week’s craft session.

Again, I haven’t used any of the gnome stamps, though. But I did have a go with what I consider to be a couple of the trickier sorts of stamps. The sort that don’t really offer ready-made inspiration. A bit more creative thinking is needed to come up with a design. I’ve no doubt, though, that I’ve probably seen a variation of this somewhere and it has now come to the front of my mind.

Either way, I finally managed to use the triangle trees for a card. And did some masking. Admittedly, these stamps are a nice, easy shape for masking, which helps. I’m still not sure of the placing of the trees, but at least it’s an easy design to rearrange and try again. And it’s not to say that I’m not happy about it. Just not sure it is its best.

I also made the card blank – well: cut an A4 sheet in half and then scored one half in half. Hardly difficult. But I thought a red card would work better than a white one. Perhaps the next variation should be a green card.


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