Nature Notes: February 2023

As the weather (finally!) appears to be getting warmer where we are there is an abundance of plant life coming back after the long hibernation of winter…

The bulbs are coming back with dashes of violet, blue and yellow all over the garden (mainly from the squirrels digging up last year’s plantings and reburying them elsewhere) with our “Polar bear” snowdrops following on nicely. What’s more, the heathers I had planted in the garden during the summer have mainly survived and are still growing despite being choked by wild plants encroaching from the lane behind them. The ferns have also thrived and are expanding along with the Heuchera giving a fantastic coverage of what was bare soil underneath the laurel bush (wish I could cut it down to be honest but as we are in a rented property we can’t).

As far as our animal life is concerned, they are happy with the winter survival outposts offerings, happily devouring the fat ball feeders in around 48 hours from me putting them out (it’s not even like we are the only people in our area feeding them either!).

I am still planning our next steps for the garden but the first part is to wait: as we back onto wooded farmland we get drifts of leaves accumulating, making a great little hide for small mammals escaping the cold. Before the great annual tidy-up can commence, I need to make sure these visitors are awake and away. However, these next few months will hopefully give plenty to talk about within this record.

Keep feeding the birds ~ M  


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