Dinosaur Adventures

One of my main crafting problems is that I collect supplies, if I’m lucky with at least a vague idea of what to make, and then do nothing with them. As they say: collecting craft supplies is a hobby in itself…

Such happened last year when I found some Natural History Museum-inspired paper packs in Hobbycraft, especially the prehistoric creatures one. I had vague ideas, but so far none have happened. And now I’ve forgotten them. Such is life!

Instead, I’ve used this one, in combination with an unrelated dinosaur stamp-and-die set (and yes, I know this particular one isn’t, technically, a dinosaur), for a new school card. The sentiment comes from yet another stamp set.

I was, though, quite pleased with how evenly I got the border on the raptor. Normally when die-cutting a stamped image, I wobble the die slightly – or fail to position it correctly in the first place – so the border isn’t even all the way around.

But I still don’t have many ideas for the other designs in the pack. I’m sure something will come to me. Eventually…


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