The Start of the Spring-Clean

It is perhaps a little early to think of spring-cleaning: we’re still in the depths of winter, though the lightening evenings are bringing a hint of optimism to this largely sofa-bound person. But, this year, M and I are doing a massive spring-clean, which involves new furniture and a complete reorganisation of most rooms in the house. It’s going to take us a while, so we thought we’d start early.

Not, it turns out, as early as we’d planned, having been knocked for six by a bout of covid at the beginning of January and which caused us to write off pretty much the whole month.

However, we did organise stuff for a charity shop and plan what we wanted to do. And discovered that IKEA have a Buy-Back scheme for their old furniture, which can be resold via their Circular Hub. Depending on quality, you can receive up to 50% of the retail value in an IKEA refund card, or, if they decide it can’t be resold, they’ll recycle it for you. Win-win, especially as we were planning on a trip to IKEA to get Kallaxes to replace the old Billy bookcases anyway. Two birds, one stone. And money off the reorganisation. At least this part of it, anyway. What’s not to like?

And now, having had the IKEA trip and building day, we just have to work out organising the books in the squares. At the moment, they’re all stacked haphazardly and randomly to keep them off the floor. Even better, though, it looks like there might be space to replace the books we sent to charity.

Sadly the kitchen just needs cleaning, so there’s less fun to be had with it, but next will be the craft room/office – now that will be a project!


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