The Birthday Macaw

Tiny would cause crafting problems if I liked to make complicated cards. As it is, the only problem caused is one of timing, and being able to snatch the time to plan a card and then to create it. Hence the lack of card posts of late. Or any sort of crafting posts, really. There are more constraints for the cross-stitch and crochet projects, though I live in hope that some sort of routine – or at least sleeping in the basket – will occur and I will be able to reclaim some of that time.

But for now, sporadic, very quick cards will be made. Lots of backgrounds doing the talking.

Like this birthday macaw, from the Stampendous Totally Tropical stamp set which came with Creative Stamping 85. I think the embossing folder came with it, but I can’t now find the magazine. And there were several tropical-themed sets with the various magazines at the same time.

Actually, I was quite surprised that Tiny gave me sufficient time to colour and cut out the macaw before beginning to fuss.


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