Notes From My Office: February 2023

Ah, the end of January! Such a long and dreary month, though it has been comforting to see the afternoons remaining light for longer. A reminder that the winter won’t last forever, even if that’s how January makes it feel. Although the last few days of sunshine have helped with that.

This last week or so has been full of essay-writing, balancing books and laptop around a feeding or sleeping baby. We’re still working on Tiny settling in a sling (or the moses basket downstairs) to allow for two-handed typing. Or dealing with other sorts of chores. There are occasional half hours. But mostly it’s a balancing act, so I’m not often in the office. Usually it’s the sofa.

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In between all this, we’ve been beginning that reorganisation we’d planned at the start of January. We’ve sorted through books and piled up things for a charity shop. Still haven’t taken them, but that’ll be the next thing to do. And then it’ll be a shuffling around of the furniture. Which will involve having to empty the bookcases, which will be fun with Tiny in tow. But more anon.

For the crafting side of things, I’m hoping to get back to card-making at least. I have a couple of unfinished crochet projects which should be possible, even if the sling doesn’t work out. But cross-stitch is going to require some more creative thinking, especially the map of the world.

But now we seem to have worked out night-time sleeping (for now!), hopefully that will allow me the energy to think about other things and start to plan for a bit further ahead than just tomorrow.

Recently Read

The Ink Black Heart – Robert Galbraith

Betrayal at Ravenswick – Kelly Oliver (although I only managed a chapter or two before giving up; does this count as a read?)

Word of the Month

Skyrgalliard – a wild or dissipated person


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