The Covid Diaries

It only took three years, but finally the Dread Plague that’s stalked the world has caught up with us.

On the one hand, at least it has taken this long: we’ve been vaccinated and we know what we’re doing with it. And it’s much less of a killer plague.

On the other, though, so annoying. We’d done so well to avoid it.

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The most annoying thing about it was that it struck at just the time when we were planning a major clear-out and reorganisation of all our stuff. Being ill and in quarantine put all that on hold and we’re only now beginning with little steps. Like clearing out the rubbish which inexplicably accumulated while we were stuck inside. And the re-establishment of routines, which always go out the window when illness occurs.

Instead, what happened was a lot of TV – new and old series: Gilmore Girls, 2 Broke Girls, Top Gear Specials – and discussions for the reorganisation. But not a lot else. Even for those of us (me) who were basically asymptomatic (just a slight sore throat and the odd cough). The relative painlessness of my symptoms was just as well: a lot of the home-remedies aren’t generally compatible with the feeding of Tiny.

The funny thing with the isolating: although I had very few plans for going out, all the sitting around and watching things palled quite quickly. Or maybe it was the general restlessness and tiredness caused by being ill, however mildly. Or it was the dreariness of January days, which are never very optimistic.

But we made it through to the other side of quarantine. 2023 can begin anew.


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