Notes From My Office: January 2023

Normally at this time of year I reflect on the year just gone and think about my plans or goals for the year to come. Still being in the early baby-bubble, I haven’t really got much further than keeping Tiny alive and trying not to go insane through lack of sleep or the constant feeding that seems to be demanded.

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Currently I’m writing this with my laptop balanced precariously on my knees while Tiny feeds. I did this with the last essay I had to write for my history module: not my best work, I thought, but it’d do. Turns out, not half as bad as I thought it was. Or I have a generous tutor. But it’s given me confidence to write while Tiny traps me on the sofa. Not so sure how well the crafting will go this year, though.

While I don’t intend for this to become yet another mummy-blog, no doubt there will be a shift in content for the Wednesday posts, and the card posts will likely remain sporadic until I can work out making them with Tiny. Or they’ll just become even faster sorts of cards. And I’ve no idea about the cross-stitch or the crochet. Maybe once M and I have worked out routines now that the festive fun is over and Real Life must return.

Mind you, getting my act together to schedule these at sensible times is my first goal. Once I’ve conquered that, I can work on the rest…One thing at a time.

Recently Read

The Girl in the Tower – Katherine Arden

Turns out, I play solitaire more often than I read things while feeding Tiny. Perhaps this will change.

Words of the Month

Still haven’t got back to the OED Word of the Day. I use the laptop far less than I used to. Balancing Tiny with a laptop is harder than anticipated…


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