Sleigh Bells Ring

I haven’t been much in my craft room for the last month or so. I’m not sure how often I’ll get in over the next few. Probably sporadic crafting for the foreseeable.

However, with the arrival of a baby-sling (the Koala Cuddle Band; takes babies from 2-9kg/4lb7oz to 19lb13oz) which is suitable for my lighter-than-average baby, I find myself no longer tethered to the sofa when Tiny wishes to sleep and will only do so on me.

Since we’re both still getting used to it, though, I’m not up for anything complicated. Also, it positions the baby to be a little more in the way than the bump was. Besides, I don’t want to inadvertently wake Tiny.

So I just used bits that were already on my desk, left over from the last crafting session, which I didn’t tidy up after. Then I made a musical birthday card. Now, I made a musical Christmas card.

Same background paper, a musical stamp, and a sleigh die for the corner.

And it’s just as well I’d already made the vast majority (possibly all) of the Christmas cards I need this year before Tiny arrived, because I’ve no idea where the last month has gone, or what I’ve done with the time, other than lie on the sofa.


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