Notes From My Office: December 2022

I haven’t been in my office since mid-November. Currently, as you may have noticed, normal routines have been disrupted on the rather large scale and we’re only just beginning to fight our way back to some semblance of normality. A couple of weeks on the sofa doing very little is enough. I had hoped to be back to normal this week, but such is not to be. There was an essay. And visitors.

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Crafting especially has fallen by the wayside, in large part because my craft room has been turned into the drying room. It doesn’t help that we underestimated how much space Tiny’s stuff would take up after the arrival and failed to declutter sufficiently beforehand in order to make room. It was fine before… But it means that we need to have another reorganisation. Now that we can see how Tiny actually fits in with everything else.

The other fun I’ve had has been in learning to type and research essays with one hand because Tiny needs a feed or will only sleep on me (all right: has gone to sleep on me and I don’t want to disturb). Especially now that M has had to return to work.

Recently Read

When Women Were Dragons

Madly, Deeply: The Alan Rickman Diaries  – Alan Rickman

I can see that I shall be reading more these days, for something to do to stay awake for the night-feeds.

Words of the Month

Having spent most of the last three weeks in a baby-bubble, I have not been collecting words this month. With any luck, as we establish our new routines, I shall start finding new ones.


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