Banoffee Granola Flapjack

It’s been a while since I last shared a recipe. I haven’t baked much in the last year – or since I was back to working full time after furlough – and most of the (few) cakes made recently have been of the cheat’s variety: packet-mixes.

Don’t get me wrong, very handy for a quick, can’t be bothered but want cake, sort of moment, but hardly recipe-worthy. Admittedly, this isn’t a particularly difficult sort of recipe either. So easy that I looked it up once and could remember it two days later when I came to actually make it.

It’s also extremely easy to adapt: the recipe I’d found in my archives was a straightforward banana flapjack, using neither the caramel nor adding any extras such as you’d get in the granola (it only called for oats). But I wanted firstly to use up the half-tin of Carnation caramel and to have a more exciting sort of flapjack with berries and seeds, and it was easier (and cheaper) to use a box of granola than to buy the oats, dried fruits and seeds or nuts separately.

You Will Need:

4 ripe bananas

½ tin of caramel

500g granola of your choice – I used a Very Berry one from Aldi.

90ml olive oil

To Make:

Mash the bananas, then stir in the caramel, oil and granola. Mix until the granola is well-coated. Tip into lined baking tray – a brownie tray is probably best. Bake for c.25 mins at c.180C. Leave to cool before cutting into squares.


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