The Gold Stag

As with last week’s card, I started this one with the background paper. Partly this is because I’m a bit tired of staring at stamp sets which don’t change (though I have a new festive set arriving shortly which may help with the general disinclination malaise).

In the end, though, I didn’t do any stamping for this card. Just die-cutting, which I then regretted for the sentiment, because it was quite fiddly adding spots of double-sided sticky tape to the back of it. Still need to work out the best way of getting adhesive on the backs of die-cut sentiments. No doubt there is an easy way.

But even so, this was still quite a simple, easy sort of card to make. I’m not sure where either the stag or the sentiment dies came from, other than “the stash”, though the pretty paper was from Hobbycraft’s Christmas range this year. For once I seem to be finding uses for papers in the same season I buy them. Either I’ve become more discerning in my purchases or I’m just trying harder.

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